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Commercial Security

Fire and theft, by employee or unknown assailant, cost American businesses over 5 billion dollars a year.

The majority of the businesses that sustain fire losses never open their doors again. Even if they have insurance, lost records, inventory, and the tediousness of rebuilding take its toll on the owners. If the business does open again the customers and employees have gone elsewhere. Are you protected?

Most employers are shocked to learn that 60% of employees have stolen from their employers. From cash to inventory, little by little, your profits are slipping away.

Having a measure of control can help alleviate the stress of business ownership. Leaving at night knowing your building, records, and inventory are being protected is essential to the future of your business.

Shearer Security Devices has partnered with multiple security companies to bring you the best security devices on the market.  We also provide the best installation and service possible in the following areas (right):

Shearer Security Devices is the premier security provider in Central Pennsylvania and Harrisburg.  We professionally install commercial, industrial, government as well as many other business control and security systems.  Our services include alarm systems, commercial video surveillance systems (with remote and smart phone viewing), and full access control systems with key fobs or printable cards.  Here  at Shearer we strive to provide the highest level of technical service possible in the industry.

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