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As you may already know, Wayne Shearer, Shearer Locksmith founder and owner, passed away on February 14th following a very courageous battle with cancer.     During his illness, he offered us his consulting services to help prepare for the future without him.  His guidance and wisdom could definitely not be learned in a book!  I had met Wayne 5 years after he started the locksmith business part time. He was running all the evening and weekend service calls himself all while still working full-time at TMI.  So in order to spend time with him, I jumped in the van and became his “clipboard” girl.  In 1994, he made the decision to quit TMI and proceed full-time with building the locksmith business.  After our son was born in 1995, I also began working full time handling the accounts receivable and remained by his side helping to grow the business. Now, almost 31 years later, we proudly provide a full scale of dependable, quality lock and security services reaching even beyond the Central PA area.   Customer satisfaction has been key in our growth.   So, I have now jumped over into the helm of full ownership relying heavily on our service managers, Anna and Bob, along with the rest of our team.  Our goal is to provide many more years of outstanding service as we move from this generation and on to the next with our son, Nicholas, who has recently become an integral part of the business.    We thank you for your trust in us and we look forward to providing your security needs for many years to come.  Thank you also for your many condolences -  they are very much appreciated. 

                                                                                Carol Shearer, on behalf of Shearer Locksmith Security Devices

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I am very pleased with the service I received from Shearer Security.  Shearer always responds quickly if I experience a low battery or need other assistance.  The security system they installed is reliable so you may not need their help often.  I highly recommend shearer to all my friends.

Susanne Medvidovich - Camp Hill, PA

The installation process went very smooth and was not intrusive at all.  The technicians answered my multiple questions completely and in a way I could understand.

Amira Milikin - Harrisburg, PA
We had a bad sensor on a basement door.  The technicians quickly diagnosed the problem and the sensor was quickly replaced.  My system is up and running again.  Shearer technicians are very professional and pleasant gentlemen to work with.

Linda Moore - Harrisburg, PA

Shearer Lock, Safe & Security has been our locksmith of choice for the last twelve years.  They have provided dependable and reliable service and their employees are extremely knowledgeable of their profession.  Shearer has done everything from rekeying our two facilities to most recently installing a keyless security system at one of our facilities.


James R Eppley, Director of Purchasing  - Allegheny Airlines Inc.

Shearer Lock, Safe and Security have been Highmark's professional locksmith over the past years.  They have provided a number of services to Highmark's 6 satellite facilities.  Their services have included; keys, hardware, keyless entry and a variety of other tasks.  Shearer has exceeded expectations with their dependable and reliable services, not to mention their trustworthy and knowledgeable staff.  Their quick response and solutions to problems are characteristics that make them a professional locksmith company, well above their competitors.  Shearer Lock, Safe and Security have undoubtedly satisfied our locksmith needs.

Michael D Hoffman, Lead Security Officer - Highmark

I would like to thank you and your employees that have been so nice and so helpful when we have called on the phone, looking for locks and parts of locks to use as part of our department's Forcible Entry Class.  We also want to thank you very much for the time and cost that you have absorbed by suppling us with most if not all of the equipment that we needed to provide us the tools that we can train and make a safer community which we are all part of.  It is people like you that give  unselfishly to provide time and materials to their public safety departments in their community that helps make the community we serve a safer place for all of us to live and work in.  Again we thank you for all you have done.

Earl W Reidell, Assistant Chief - City of Harrisburg Department of Public Safety, Office of the Fire Chief

On behalf of Harris Savings Bank, I would like to express my appreciation for you continued efforts and service.  In the past, your company has consistently provided outstanding service for all our needs.  As our corporate locksmith you provide us with timely and efficient service.  Harris relies on your dependability and quick response.  Also your employees are knowledgeable and capable in assisting us.  Currently, your responsible for installing and maintaining electronic access control systems and all our locksmith needs at our fourty-six locations.  You are to be commended for all the fine work you do for us.  Your efforts are appreciated.  We look forward to working with you in the future.


Mary Dishong, Assistant Vice President - Harris Savings Bank

The Pennsylvania Credit union Association (PCUA) had Shearer Security Devices install a new burglar/fire alarm system and an access control system on our premises during February 2010.  We require our service technician or any vendor to check in and out daily as well as provide us an update on where we stand in the progression of our project.  At any time when the crew was here they were always on time and would stop to answer any questions we may have had along the way.  The crew demonstrated kindness and professionalism throughout the process.  I feel you have a good representation of you organization through these gentlemen.  It would be my pleasure to recommend your company to another organization.

Renee Carpenter, Office Manager - Pennsylvania Credit Union Association